TEJASMOSIS || Heavy Metal Straight Out Of Texas

Our new CD "Uneasy Pieces" releases Saturday Feb 21st. Be the first to get a physical copy in person at our CD Release party that same night at Diamond Jim's Saloon in Arlington, TX. See our facebook event page for details.

Brad        "Duece"        Jeff        Shaun
TEJASMOSIS  \tay-haws-moh-sis\ , noun;  A North Texas Heavy Metal band, spawned from the smoldering remnants of the golden age of metal, when the big four were still grinding out hellacious metal riffs, and dominating popular music as we knew it. Founding members Jeff Miller and Tommy Richeson set out to forge their own brand of heavy metal with a foundation solidly built on the intense adrenaline of thrash, the technical complexity of their influences, a lethal dose of Texas groove, and the unstoppable will to make music they wanted to hear.


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We like it heavy, and it's gotta groove. 
We are proud victims of our influences, and we apologize for nothing.


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